Integrated Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (ICBRNE)

Training Environment

The SEE Beacon application is site survey tool for setting up release source proximity values, as well as, providing the ability to share signal quality values with other Lifeline ICBRNE training tablets. The SEE Beacon application is used to acquire signal quality and share these values with an instructor’s Lifeline Meter Application.

The Lifeline Interoperable Network Communicator (LINC) can be used both as a WiFi client or as an access point. The access point mode allows the LINC to operate as a wireless beacon. The LINC beacon incorporates significant wireless flexibility operating on the 802.11a/b/g/n channels with a 10 dBm power range.

The Lifeline Meter Application(s) can be used for both management of live instrument values and as an instructor aid for posting manual and/or automated readings. In Exercise mode the ability to post live meter readings are interrupted by manual or automated values thereby maintaining all the information sharing capabilities of the Lifeline ICBRNE System.

The MultiMeterViewer provides both a filtered and larger multi-agency views of live and virtual instruments. Selecting the Meter View option will focus the display to only show the active instruments. Instructors can configure the display for single or multi instruments for more complex scenarios.