Life•line Interoperable Network Communicator

Wireless Network Telemetry



Life•line Interoperable Network Communicator

The LINC is a small rugged sealed enclosure with an integrated GPS capable of transmitting meter/sensor readings and its location once per second for at least 14 hours using an interchangeable rechargeable battery or continuously through its USB port.          LEARN MORE



LINC Mobile Radiological System

The LINC mobile radiological system (LINCmrs) is a versatile wireless transportable radiological isotope detector easily configured for different types of monitoring requirements. Examples include mobile vehicle systems, portal applications, fixed facility and grouped for events requiring increased sensitivity detection.                           LEARN MORE            VIDEO







Life•line Smart Gateway

The Life∙line Smart Gateway integrates all elements of sensor data acquisition, analysis, display and transmission into a single self-contained portable enclosure. Analysis and display is achieved through the Gateway’s integral Windows 10 computer running our Meter Applications and/or other federal/commercial software tools including EPA’s Viper.         LEARN MORE





Life•line Go-Kit

The Life•line Go-Kit is a fastto deploy instrument communications “fly-away” that contains the basic equipment to establish field environmental monitoring. The kit includes 3 LINCs, a Life•line Gateway, a Gateway Power Module, batteries/chargers, Computer and software.          LEARN MORE