Life•line Meter MultiMeterViewer

The MultiMeterViewer Is a comprehensive tool that consolidates live data from the Lifeline Meter Applications and displays this as virtual instrument faceplates and/or in an Emergency Operations Center map view showing the instrument’s location, alarm status and other meta data. The Viewer functions as an instant command center, displaying data and providing both audible and visual alarms. A geographical information system (GIS) interface provides instrument information including tracking and survey information as map layers. The MultiMeterViewer provides an extension to our Lifeline Meter Applications allowing Subject Matter Experts, Incident Commanders and Safety Professionals the ability to instantly view and share field instrument data.

Features Include:

  • Remote Display of Meter’s Faceplate
  • Comprehensive Map View/Tool (GIS) with Export/Import
  • Accurate 3D, real-time plume and backtrack tool
  • Immediate Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Integrated Live Video Player
  • Instrument information Web pages
  • Simultaneous instrument tracking with color concentration gradation
  • Special support for performing field surveys (live & Historical)
  • Reading normalization using energy coefficients/correction factors
  • Dynamic security controlling who gets to see specific data
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Secure interface to DNDO for radiological/nuclear emergencies
  • Mobile versions (iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

                          Tracking (click to enlarge)

                     Survey (Click to enlarge)