Life•line Meter Applications

Features Include:

  • Remote Display of Meter’s Faceplate
  • Immediate Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Integrated Live Video Player
  • Map View
  • Integrated Alerting (E-Mail, Text)
  • Training Mode (Set/Share Readings)
  • Run Locally or as Internet Cloud Service
  • Interoperable Data Sharing (CAP, XML, TCP/IP, Web Service)
  • Connects with external systems (EPA Viper, ADASHI, MFK, MyStateUSA)
  • Strip Chart View
  • Can Operate as a Service
  • Battery/Signal Status Monitoring
  • Radiological/Nuclear interface with DOE Triage


Information Sharing: Provides live incident data across response organizations regardless of their location.  The services reduce the time it takes to respond to an incident and can, therefore, reduce property and environmental damage and help save lives.

Enhances Safety: Enhances responder safety by allowing instruments to report live readings back to experts freeing up the responder to focus on other critical tasks. Provides a solution to the challenges of trying to view instrument readings through fogged face masks.

Data Reliability: Provides enhanced data reliability and security to the radio transmission of possibly inaccurate instrument readings from responders in potentially smoky and/or hazardous conditions.